The Pink Ribbon Scammers

The Pink Ribbon Scammers

The iconic PINK RIBBON is symbolic of breast cancer awareness 🎀

Ostensibly it should represent hope, support, and compassion for anyone affected by the disease. However, sadly, there is a darker side to the globally recognised PINK RIBBON.

During October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, pink product marketing reaches fever pitch, with businesses using the colour pink to promote an array of products, claiming to support anything from breast cancer research, to the diagnosed themselves.

The genuinity of these companies is questionable as many of the so-called PINK supporting products contain ingredients, and chemicals, that are actually associated with increasing the risk of developing the disease itself. Objectionable exploitation for-profit and false do good credit!

Mainstream information about what toxic ingredients are linked to breast cancer isn’t readily available. However scientific evidence does accept that chemicals such as Parabens & Phthalates, commonly found in cosmetics and personal care products, can increase the risk of breast cancer.

PINK WASHING isn’t a recent concern.

In 2002 Think Before You Pink Campaign ® was set up aiming to achieve health justice for women at risk or living with breast cancer. It demands companies to be transparent and accountable for their ‘claims’ if taking part in pink ribbon promotion and not mislead the public with pinkwashing.

It educates consumers and encourages them to ask manufacturers and brands CRITICAL QUESTIONS about their pink products to assess if they are pinkwashing or actually positively contributing to the cause.

In this modern age, here at FROM Clothing, we think the consumer has a right to know what ingredients are used in the products we buy. Even more so with the recent recall of Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder after tests detected contamination with asbestos, which is carcinogenic to humans, and has been scientifically linked to ovarian cancer.

Since 2016 our Detox Activewear Campaign #detoxactivewear has been raising awareness about the chemicals used liberally by high street yoga and sportswear brands. We are particularly focussed on SPORTS BRAS and how, when we sweat, our skin’s pores open to assist bodily cooling, however at the same time this can also increase the rate of transfer of the tight-fitting fabric’s chemicals, into the body. WATCH our 1-minute explainer video which tells you how HERE...

We have only ever used GOTS Certified Organic Cotton in our sports and yoga bras. Non-certified organic cotton can still get mixed with conventional cotton as legislation and checks aren’t as thorough.

Organic cotton sustains the health of soils, ecosystems, and people by using natural processes rather than artificial inputs. More importantly, organic cotton farming does not allow the use of toxic chemicals or GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

Choosing to wear chemical-free sports bras, particularly during exercise when fabric friction and perspiration increase skin absorption rates, is an informed choice women have the right to make - forearmed is forewarned.

In summary huge disproportionate budgets are given over to make pink products to raise awareness, which yes is important, however, the underlying intention by most of these companies is to cash in on PINK OCTOBER, and ultimately increase profits.

So join the THINK BEFORE YOU PINK campaign, talk about it on social media and start conversations. Use your voice and ask pink product makers the following three questions:

👉🏼 Does the pink product put anyone at risk of exposure to toxins linked to breast cancer?

👉🏼 Does any money from the product go to support a breast cancer program?

👉🏼 What organisation will get the money?

In reality, how does anyone affected by breast cancer benefit from the sale of a pink product unless the product itself actually improves and helps breast health care, or there is a direct donation made to research, treatment and/or community support?

Thanks for reading and we’d love to hear your feedback on PINK WASHING. If you have any questions or feedback please comment below and check all the useful resources below👇🏼

References and some great further reading here 📚

EWG Environmental Working Group

A non-profit organisation that specialises in research and advocacy in the areas of agricultural subsidies, toxic chemicals, drinking water pollutants, and corporate accountability. More info here...

Toxic Beauty 💅🏼💄

Released this year, Toxic Beauty is a whistleblowing documentary film, by Phyllis Ellis, lifting the lid on the toxic ingredients in our cosmetics, skin and personal care products, and their proven negative effect on our health and wellbeing. Follow on Instagram to stay up to date with the film's progress as it gets seen around the world @toxicbeauty

Think Before You Pink 🎀

Part of Breast Cancer Action, Think Before You Pink is a watchdog for the breast cancer movement. Find out more here...

The Breasties (•)(•)

A non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting young women affected by breast and reproductive cancers through community and friendship. A fabulous support network. More here...

About Organic Cotton 🌿

An online resource space dedicated to educating the benefits of organic cotton for both people and the planet.

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