Meet Su, Founder of FROM

I've always been fascinated by the potential of the human being, the magnitude of scope, to the capacity of hope.

How fast we can run, to how much we can endure. At school, I wanted to be the fastest, the brightest. I wanted to be good at everything.

Without conjecture, I was driven to do, be, achieve.

With a background in exercise physiology, I became a teacher, a writer, a speaker, and founder of FROM Conscious Company. 

Founder FROM Conscious Company

I established a network of corporate fitness classes, launched a private member's holistic health club, and co-founded one of the UK’s first pilates studios. I’ve written, taught and examined in sports science and health-related education programmes. 

And madly enough, I have also been the co-owner of a soft fruit farm and spent two years converting it from conventional to organic farming practices.

As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve been in the business of wellness all my life, conscious-driven work that contributes to the well being of people and planet. 

Understanding the environmental impact of industrial agriculture, I set up FROM to pioneer positive change in sustainable activewear and yoga apparel. It has since evolved into a CONSCIOUS RAISING PLATFORM, where stories are shared, inspiring people to take action on things that matter, and encouraging them to believe, however small, their mindful choices are significant, and DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Now, a few decades on, I realise it wasn't about winning the race or getting top marks in class, it was much simpler than that.

'It was about belonging, being valued and feeling worthy...'

It was about having a sense of self regardless of external appraisal, from an innate desire for my life to have meaning and purpose. 

On a personal exploration, I want to understand how we can live a more authentic life, free of self-judgement and limiting beliefs, compassionate to ourselves and others, savouring moments, cultivating what matters to us most.

'My focus is simple, to expand whats possible, to inspire you to do positive, good things, that in turn inspires others to do positive, good things. To better ourselves, others and to live life from the fullness of the experience and the now moment.'