About FROM Clothing


'In Order To Be Irreplaceable, One Must Always be Different'

Coco Chanel 

We are an ethical active wear brand based in the UK.

We design and manufacture sustainable active wear and yoga lifestyle clothing that tells stories.

We convey social messages through our clothing that help to raise collective consciousness and contribute to the well being of people and planet, protecting it for futures to come.

A collaboration of experiences, we are a demonstration of how an integrated socially responsible approach to business can work towards ‘giving back’ and making a positive impact.

We are a business with purpose, not just for profit.

Part of the Fashion Revolution, a new, greener, kinder way of doing business. We raise awareness, educate and inspire mindful thought to where your clothes come FROM, who made them and with what materials.

Multi-functional, sports luxe active wear that takes you effortlessly FROM yoga to the office, onto the evening. Eco yoga wear that uses beautiful fabrications, that feel soft against the skin, are kind to the environment and sourced from sustainable resources. Classic, timeless, wardrobe staples that have a positive impact far beyond your yoga class.

We are a young business with old heads. We are trying to do what we aspire and believe in. We have and will make mistakes but we will continue to do what we think is right by people, the planet and it's environment.

True to our core values, we aren't bystanders and will break the mould. We will take risks to achieve our aims. We are creative innovators, solution-ists, and give conscious thought to the social and environmental impact of all our business activities on every level.

Our current activewear designs use GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified Organic Cotton which is grown and harvested in India. It is then shipped to Portugal for manufacturing into our yoga and lifestyle clothing. Close proximity to the UK enables easier supply chain management ensuring garment quality, fair and healthy factory practice. Using organic cotton, certified by GOTS, we know that the cotton farmers are treated fairly and receive a fair wage for their produce, in addition, their communities are not exposed to the toxins and chemicals used in conventional cotton farming.

We have also produced a bespoke wholesale order in India using a complete GOTS certified transparent supply chain, keeping the manufacturing within the country of origin, reducing our transportation carbon footprint. This is something we would like to develop further going forwards.

We have pioneered more natural fabrications for the active wear user, including our stunning Merino Wool Collection, which 'broke the mould' and introduced Merino fabrication into the yoga clothing world. It provides a superior sports luxe feel, multi-functional active wear for both indoors and outdoors. Natural and sustainable clothing, merino wool's natural thermo-regulatory properties keep you cool when it’s hot, and warm when it’s cool. Blended with cooling eco-friendly Lenzing Tencel® gives a soft hand feel.

Our lightweight merino vests and long sleeve tops are ideal merino base layers and make superb layering pieces. Contemporary style for the eco-savvy, conscious consumer, perfect for all activities FROM yoga to pilates, hiking to running, cycling to skiing.

Our merino wool is certified as ethically sourced from South Africa. All sheep farms adhere to a non-mulesing policy as part of a continuous effort to ensure the health and welfare of the sheep. The merino wool is then spun into merino yarn, knitted into fabric, and made in Portugal. Blended with Lenzing TENCEL® - a cellulose fibre made from regenerated Eucalyptus tree plantations grown specifically for fibre production. Plantations are continuously regenerated using integrated management practices, ensuring health soil maintenance, as well as providing local community employment.

Lenzing is the world's leading Eco practising fibre innovators. The ecological production of TENCEL® is revolutionary, based on a solvent spinning process using a unique closed-loop process, the solvent used is recycled by almost 100% making TENCEL® the fibre of the future. This special process received the European Award for the Environment from the European Union.

Be part of the change, become a conscious consumer, and make a difference with ethical shopping choices.

Buy FROM: A Conscious Brand.

'Conscience is an aptitude, faculty, intuition or judgment of the intellect that distinguishes right from wrong. Moral judgment may derive from values or norms.'