Claire Witkovich - why working for FROM Clothing, an ethical sustainable business, matters

Meet Claire - The Conscious Youth

Hi there! My name is Claire Witkovich and I was born and raised just outside of Chicago, Illinois. I am a 21 year old vegan who loves Bon Iver, coffee, and reading. I am really excited to be working as a marketing Intern with FROM Clothing before I complete my final year the University of Illinois, graduating with a degree in advertising.

When I heard of the opportunity to work for FROM, an ethical business making sustainable active wear, I immediately jumped at it! Nowadays, consumers are bombarded by messages to buy the newest this or that, and often advertising (my expertise) is just noise pollution. However with FROM Clothing I knew I would gain experience in a unique form of storytelling, one that seeks to raise awareness of ethical products made from sustainable resources.

Last summer, while working for World Finds, a B2B fair trade jewellery and accessories brand, I had my eyes opened to a completely new way of doing business in our modern world: Business With Purpose.

I learned that there is an entire community out there committed to sustainability, of not only the environment, but also people that live in it. I became conscious of the big picture - that we are a consumer society that gets so wrapped up in a product, that we scarcely know anything about where it comes FROM, who made it, and how..

However, I now believe that there is a new consumer culture forming. One where people not only care about what they’re buying, but the how and why of what they’re buying. Ethical production is more than a marketing hook, it’s part of a bigger movement. As awareness has grown, more and more consumers are realising that where they purchase their products can positively impact makers’ communities. 

More importantly, I realise that one person can make a big difference, and I have striven to live by this principle since working at World Finds. I’ve realised that every dollar I spend is a vote for the kind of world I want to live in. As an emerging advertising and marketing professional, I want to tell these stories and make my own positive impact on the planet. 

I am eager to work with FROM Clothing, and learn about ethical fashion and sustainable active wear. I am particularly excited to be working on their Organic Yoga Bra Campaign, raising awareness about the toxic chemicals used in sports and yoga bras, because breast health is near and dear to my heart - my maternal grandmother died from breast cancer. So from a young age, my health as a woman has always been emphasised. I look forward to connecting with like minded individuals and raising awareness, and of course having fun along the way!

If you want to chat to me more, or if I can help with anything please do get in touch with me at

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