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Brand Clarity at New Year Mountain Sanctuary

January 07, 2017

After an amazing time at Chalet Rosière, 1500 metres up in the remote mountain village of Les Laix in The French Alps, we are on our way home. The space, remoteness and connection with the great outdoors has been a real time for reflection. New Year can often be a challenging time for the soul, as you look back on the previous year with a mix of feelings, happy at with some things, and maybe not so, with others.

At the beginning of last year FROM was hibernating, due to to the disappointing outcome of our relationship with a major U.K. breast cancer research charity; how they refused to support our informative messaging to women, about the use of toxic chemicals in sports bra fabrics and their potential detrimental effect on health; because their main sponsors used exactly these type of fabrics in their products. It sadly led to us parting company on a point of ethics. Read the full story by Cortney Mcdermott, in The Huffington Post here.

Subsequently at the end of 2015 we decided to take some time out, and re-evaluate FROM's brand positioning and ethos. It felt very appropriate to just let things be. We didn't make any new year resolutions, other than to let go of the negative feelings that we had around the recent events. We knew that holding onto resentment, and taking it into 2016, wouldn't allow the space for happier positiveness to grow.

As the new year unfolded we were presented with much serendipity signalling that we were on the right journey. New people, new ideas, new opportunities. The collective support of these has lifted our spirits and strengthened our belief that, FROM, a small emerging brand, can create positive change, raise consciousness about where purchases come FROM, and the impact shopping habits have on our planet and the communities that live on it.

Saying goodbye to 2016 at Chalet Rosière was another offering by universal serendipity. So much synchronicity, a meant to be meeting of like minds. Owners, Phillip and Alex Volkers are also ethical visionaries, members of the collective consciousness, offering visitors to their boutique well being chalet, the chance to embrace the big outdoors, engage in nature's wilderness, stimulate and nourish the senses on all levels with activities such as skiing, hiking, yoga and therapy treatments. A wholesome nurturing experience that gives you the space to hear your inner voice, helping you to connect with you, the real you.

Experiencing this soft space at the end of the year helped us to free ourselves from routine, re-calibrate, and explore our 2017 intentions. We found inspiration, kindness, and so much fun at Chalet Rosière a place to just be, no expectations, an experience I will be forever grateful for, both to the Volkers, and to my partner for surprising me with the trip. We came as visitors, and left as friends, excited and grateful for the collaborative potential, supporting each other in our efforts to make a positive contribution to the sustainability and longevity of people and planet.

Looking over this morning's majestic snowy vista you can't help believing in the universal powers at play. However, you only seem to connect with them when you consciously let go and just let things be. Happy New Year everyone..

And please DO take a look at Chalet Rosiere here, even if to just drool at the stunning images by co-founder, Phillip Volkers.

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