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New Year Vibes Everyday

January 15, 2018

Its hard to believe we're already mid-way through January and the new year has seriously left the starting blocks!

How far have you got? Have you stuck to those new year resolutions or are you starting to lose enthusiasm?

The beginning of a new year is an inspiring time when we give ourselves permission to start over, try something new, be bolder. We have become ideological around the positive potential new year presents.

All well and good, however, is this not just a mindset, a habit attached to January 1st? What if you harnessed those feel-good vibes and applied the same hopeful wonder, all the time, throughout the whole year?

In reality, we have these exciting 'start over' opportunities every moment of our lives, every minute, every hour, every day, every week.

The real reality is, we only actually HAVE THIS MOMENT, the past and future ones don't exist.

Every current moment YOU HAVE THE CHOICE to be excited at the prospect of your precious life, make a fresh start, say something you've always wanted to say, do something you've always wanted to, go where you want to...

If you live consciously, making mindful choices, you can actually give yourself permission anytime to live the life you want, not just at the beginning of a new year.

So if you are struggling to keep those resolutions, why not let yourself off the hook, acknowledge how well you have done so far and take that intuitive inspiration you felt at the beginning of the new year, every day, and use its magic to go do what you want to do.

If what you want to do feels too big, remember 'poco poco...'

Do little things bit by bit, regularly, to move you closer, remembering to enjoy each moment as you go because genuinely that is all there really is, this moment now.

Be great to hear how your January is going below...


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