Reframing Your Brand Message & Social Media Strategy During Covid-19

Reframing Your Brand Message & Social Media Strategy During Covid-19

As entrepreneurs, we are consistently challenged to be creative and adapt to external market influences, so how do you show up now, during the current Coronavirus health crisis, is critical to the longevity of your business.

In times of dilemma, people look to leaders, institutions, and businesses for reassurance, guidance, and advice.

If you want to be known as a trusted voice in your field, being authentic, genuine and sensitive has never been more important to nurture real, long term business, and client relationships. 

Social media & brand messaging during Covid-19

So as a business owner what is appropriate for your business now?

A Social Media Reframe For Covid-19

1. Acknowledge what is happening.

2. Avoid sharing your opinion and making judgments.

3. Be positive and stay neutral - unless igniting discussion and debate is part of your business model AND you can handle any responses.

4. Don’t add to the hysteria - we need to encourage calm and that the current situation will get better.

5. Reframe your messaging to be sensitive, transparent and thoughtful about the current situation. Good social media strategy adapts to the current trend, news and things that matter to your audience.

6. Stay up to date with developments so you can act accordingly and post information that is relevant, concise and accurate.

7. Listen to your customer - what concerns are they having that you can advise about?

8. Avoid any hard sell, heavy campaigning - unless you are a toilet paper or pasta manufacturer 😄 #jokeintended

9. Brainstorm how you can help your audience. What guidance can you give to assist them through the next few weeks?

With current Covid-19 isolation policy, create content that encourages your audience to engage with you, so they know they aren't alone and are supported:

- Use the 'ASK ME A QUESTION' feature on STORIES and post your responses, so your whole audience can benefit from them.

- Ask QUESTIONS in your captions and STORIES, and/or use them as a FEED POST: How they are doing? What can you do to help and support them?


- Do some LIVES or short videos.

- Use humour - cheer them up, however, be absolutely sure it won’t offend anyone.

- Ask them to share any tips to help with the current situation.

We are social animals and need human contact.

Encourage them to get in touch, comment and direct message you 📲👥👋🏼

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Share content that is relevant and adds value:

Let your audience know if your business is affected by Covid-19 - update your description, bio, opening hours, etc.

✓ Share any info regarding extra precautions you are taking.

✓ Are you providing any extra services to the community?

✓ Are there any delays to your services or products - post a daily update.

✓ Tell your story:

How is Covid-19 affecting your business?

Are you having to reduce staff hours?

Has it affected your supply chain?

What action are you taking?

Tell them if you are doing anything new, diversifying into new products or services.

Don't be afraid to be vulnerable. Being honest and transparent about the reality of your situation will build connections well beyond the current Coronavirus dilemma.

✓ Share info about what is happening in your community to help others.

✓ Consider some light-hearted distraction. Current media talk can be overwhelming so light entertainment and fun can go a long way to help de-stress people.

✓ Despite the global context now, continue to celebrate your wins and positive moments. It’s important to remind people there is still good stuff happening out there and help uplift their mood.

Above all make sure your messaging is MEANINGFUL, true to your brand. Ultimately, if you aren’t sure what to say, sometimes it’s best to say nothing at all.

Please comment below if you have anything else to add that can help business owners during this global emergency situation.

Namaste and stay safe 🙏🏼

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