Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 02, 2018


So today’s Tuesday’s Tools this week is simple and straight forward!

🙋‍♀️ GIRLS: Be good friends with your BOOBS!

🙋‍♂️ GUYS: Check your PECS!

. 1 in 8 women AND 400 men diagnosed with breast cancer each year
. LESS than 10% of breast cancers are connected to family history
. 5000 people will be diagnosed this month
. The early the diagnosis the more effective the treatment

WHY is it important to us here at FROM, as a brand?

Three years ago we launched our GOTS certified ORGANIC YOGA BRA, as part of our DETOX ACTIVEWEAR CAMPAIGN, raising awareness about the toxic chemicals used in mainstream activewear clothing.

As a conscious brand we believe PREVENTION (of poor health) IS BETTER THAN CURE.

Research by @greenpeace identified many nasty chemicals are being used during sportswear manufacture, that are listed as detrimental to health. 
Risk of exposure to these is increased during exercise when tight fitting exercise clothing rubs against the skin, and the body’s thermo-regulation mechanism opens the pores, thus allowing easier absorption.

So, not only did we feel you had a right to know what was being used to make your favourite yoga gear, we also wanted to provide you with a healthier alternative to wear on your BOOBS during your workouts - one that didn’t pose a risk to your health, or your conscience.

However, we aren’t all fortunate enough to be privy to the same knowledge.

So SHARING IS CARING, particularly in this case! 
And we’ll be doing more SHARING during BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH about why you should consider what YOU WEAR ON YOUR BOOBS!


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