How To Shift Your Mood Quickly💃

How To Shift Your Mood Quickly💃

You know those moments, that sometimes progress to hours when you lose your mojo and feel a bit flat, but you are not really quite sure why?

Intellectually you know there is nothing specifically ‘wrong’. You have no real reason to be feeling low however, you just do…

Sadness is a normal, common emotion. If you are a particularly empathetic, sensitive soul then it can affect you every time you hear something sad or a tragic news story.

However, if you have a tendency to feel sad quite often, and there isn’t any obvious reason for it, then it's important to take notice and consider investigating the cause.

My absolute no brainer GO 2 TOOL that WORKS EVERY TIME is to JUST MOVE. Movement is your FREE MOOD BOOSTER that you can pretty much do anywhere!

Movement and brain health are inherently interconnected. Increasing your heart rate with physical exercise releases feel-good endorphins, chemical transmitters (hormones) that produce an anti-anxiety effect in the brain and feelings of euphoria. They play a crucial role in the body’s response to stress, helping to decrease depression.

Your options of how to move are endless, as long as it raises the heart rate moderately, even if for a few minutes you will feel a difference. It’s physiologically impossible not to!

Ok, so the best option is to get outside, go run, walk, play a sport.

However, if you’re short of space, or time, try these:

👉🏼 Squats

👉🏼 Jumping Jacks

👉🏼Sun Salutations

👉🏼Alternate Lunges

👉🏼Alternate Knee Lifts

👉🏼Dance like no-one is watching 😁

And if you have company, just escape to the loo to jig some jives 💃💃💃

Lastly, one I really like, which we can learn from our furry dog friends 🐕

When they feel nervous or uncomfortable, they shake their whole body as a way of shaking out tension.

Although you don’t have to adopt the all fours position 😂 shaking each part of the body separately works just as well, combining the whole body together at the end.
You’ll probably feel less conspicuous doing this one somewhere private 😜

Enjoy! Sending you POSITIVE VIBES ONLY!

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