Speak Out 📡

Speak Out 📡

April 23, 2019

Over the last few weeks, we have witnessed some huge atrocities against fellow humans, that makes it difficult to write jolly, uplifting social media copy. It all seems a bit trivial and ignorant when communities are, quite literally, being blown apart.

However as a writer, and regular contributor to the world’s social platforms, it's exactly at these times that we do need to SPEAK OUT.

Social media gives us an immediate visual connection to people worldwide. It not only tells sad stories, but it also brings us good news.

So today, despite feeling the sadness for Sri Lanka, and the passing of Polly Higgins, an ECO Pioneer, I am attempting to take command of my ‘popcorn mind’ and focus on the good stuff.

We are currently seeing an amazing uprising of everyday people, using their voice to influence positive change at the policy level with Extinction Rebellion.

Greta Thunberg has inspired our youth generation to take action, bunk off Friday school and give climate change the urgency it needs.

Lastly, definitely not least, David Attenborough's Blue Planet 2 series has resulted in 88% of viewers changing their lifestyles to combat plastic, ref. Global 


These are ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Feeling empowered to do something and contribute any way they can to make a positive difference. And it's working!

It's an accumulative effect that has built momentum, taken hold and inspired millions of people to stop being quiet, say what they think and SPEAK OUT.

So from their actions, I too feel inspired, again, to keep writing, talking and motivating others to do the same.

TUESDAY TOOL'S MESSAGE today, is to just keep going, even when you lose your way and feel it is pointless.

Trust me, it isn’t. If it means something to you then it's highly likely it will mean something to others.

So draw inspiration from these global highlights and do what you need to do, say what you need to say.

Ignore the 'name slayers'. We are experiencing a tidal change in consciousness, so let's keep it going.

Micro-macro, from little seeds, do big trees grow, never underestimate the power of one.

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