As a child, we naturally gravitate to what we enjoy, what gives us pleasure and makes us feel good. With no responsibility, minimal fear, we simply follow our inner GPS, doing what we love and leaving well alone, what we don’t.

So what happens when we grow older and seem to spend a lot of time doing less of what we love?

We get busy, become conditioned, and get very good at putting up with stuff that doesn’t make us feel so good 😏

I have even spoken to people who have ‘put up’ with life mediocrity for so long, they aren’t even sure what they love doing anymore.


'...the more you do of something, the more you attract the same thing.'

So being conscious, implementing and doing MORE OF WHAT YOU ENJOY is key to living a fulfilling life. If you don’t give time to what you makes you happy you are accepting less than you deserve, and are capable of experiencing.

In reality, none of us wants mediocrity. We want a life full of rewarding, enriching and abundant experiences. So take a quiet moment, when you won’t be disturbed, consider the following and jot them down:

1. When did you last do something that made you laugh, brought you joy and gave you butterflies in your tummy? 

2. What activities do you already include in your life without thinking? How often and how long? 

3. How often do you make space for ‘special times’?

4. What would you love to do more of however currently don’t find time for? 

Reflecting on your doodles should give you some idea what flicks your switch, floats your boat and makes you smile 😄

Once you have some clarity around what you do enjoy, it's then about consciously making more time for them in your day to day life.

Analyze your day - where can you carve more time out for yourself? ⏰

  • Get up 15 minutes earlier
  • Watch less TV
  • Browse your social platforms less! 

Any behavioural change takes time to anchor.

Awareness is the first step, followed by practice & consistency. Keep going, make time & get back on it even when you fall off. Slowly, slowly you can self create what you like to do, more. 

Remember, the more you do, the more you attract, the same...

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