Are you better multi or single tasking?

Are you better multi or single tasking?

QUESTION: What are you doing now?

ANSWER: Reading this 👀

REAL ANSWER: Reading this PLUS & probably, many other things 👀🛁💅

We've all become pretty good at MULTITASKING, however how clever is it really?
A misleading little concept, good at deceiving us that we get more done. However in reality, scientific research proves, we actually get less done, well.

Physiologically our brain rapidly switches between the tasks at hand. Instead of channeling our complete focus and energy into one thing, we spread it thin, making a mediorce job of everything.

Contrarily SINGLE-TASKING allows us to focus on one thing at a time, dive deeper, and ultimately do a better job 😇

Focussing on one thing BRINGS YOU INTO THE CURRENT MOMENT, THE PRESENT. Our attention, and energy, create more 'space' around the one task, which lets our brain make more connections, work more creatively, and have more meaning.

Habitually, in modern lifestyles, we are use to multi-tasking, so reigning in our attention to focus on the one thing we are doing takes practise. Being aware when your mind goes off the task at hand is the first step in developing control of your attention and ultimately, your mind.

So here's a little invitation for you 😊

1. When you clean your teeth tonight, set a timer for 3 minutes.

2. Focus your complete attention on just that, cleaning your teeth:
     - How you squeeze the toothpaste on your brush;
     - How you use your brush on your teeth, which way do you go in your mouth;
     - Top or bottom teeth first, or no order;
     - Do you clean your tongue;
     - How you swill the toothpaste out;

3. Look at all the detail in just that task and take the full 3 minutes to concentrate on just cleaning your teeth.

4. Every time you observe your attention going off cleaning your teeth, take control of your mind and go back to looking at the task at hand, cleaning your teeth.

Do this everyday, morning and night, for a week, until you can honestly say to yourself that all you thought about each time, whilst cleaning your teeth, WAS cleaning your teeth.

A simple tool that helps train your mind's attention where YOU want it, rather than your mind directing you.

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