January 29, 2019


Life is busy.

So despite copious amounts of self help advising you how to stream line things, make lists and manage your time, I have adopted the DO ONE THING WELL approach.

It isn’t a new philosophy.

The infamous Steve Jobs was well know for his iconic words,

‘Do not try to do everything.

Do one thing well.’

It doesn’t necessarily release you from your ‘job list’ however, it does change how you perceive it.

Hone whats really important to you, and side track ‘the noise,’ which, incidentally is usually other people’s stuff.

Do what matters to you and don’t be at the mercy of things that matter the least.

Practise develops a change in mindset to the ‘list of things to do.’

It releases you from the stress associated with the things still left on the list.

You become good at identifying what is important, knowing that efficiency and effectiveness is, doing the right thing, the one thing, that matters to you.


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