Hands On Heart 🙌🏼

Hands On Heart 🙌🏼

April 09, 2019

This is my GO TO stress management tool when I'm feeling harassed 😖

When I want to disconnect from outside stimuli, slow down and reconnect with me and what's inside.⠀

Scientifically proven to slow down your heart rate ⬇️ it’s a perfect way to recalibrate when you feel ‘off track’ and bring your self back to the now moment.⠀

Gently placing your hands 🙌🏼 in the centre of your chest, over the sternum, you immediately sense the infinite value of your ever faithful heart, doing what it does all day, every day. The warmth of your own touch transmutes into feeling safe and loved.⠀

Focussed breathing into your heart centre, even for a few minutes, elevates peacefulness, trust, and positivity.⠀

Oxytocin, the hormonal antidote to stress stimuli, is released. It helps calm your nervous system, diminishes irrational thoughts and brings back perspective.⠀

Practicing this ‘heartwarming’ 😄 self-care tool helps your brain develop new neural pathways, nurturing feelings of ease, contentment, and well-being.⠀

Its also a beautiful tool to use at night, in bed, when sleep is being elusive 💤⠀

And don't forget your Heart Chakra is your spiritual home. If you listen carefully, you’ll hear it whisper your soulful truths ❤️ .⠀

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