Let Go And Focus On What Is

Let Go And Focus On What Is

September 18, 2018


Today I was reminded that whatever you have planned, or intended to do with your day, sometimes 'the universe' has other ideas for you!

Today I scheduled:
Tuesdays Tools
Website work
Content scheduling
Client calls

As is evident by the lateness of posting this week's TUESDAY'S TOOLS I got none of the above covered 😳

Instead I got caught up in a local village cafe bar, sheltering from a HUGE ISLAND THUNDER STORM !

My friend and I (with 4 dogs between us 🐶🐶🐶🐶) eventually made a dash for it, only for her car to run out of fuel on route!! 😱

So clearly 'the universe' had other ideas for me today 😊

There was a time I would have got frustrated that I hadn't got through my 'things to do' and yes, I know it will just get moved on the 'to do later' list.

However, once I just accepted I couldn't do anything at all about these external influences moulding my day, I just LET GO of the irritation, and relaxed into enjoying what the day had dealt me.

I made the choice to, FOCUS ON WHAT WAS, and not on what might have been.

Happy Tuesday Eveyone 💙

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