What Makes You Happy?

Ok, so this is a HUGE question 😁 Happiness and how do we achieve it?

There is copious amounts of info out there that may give you the answer!
However I am a bit of a DOER, and something I tried a few years ago really did get me thinking about WHAT actually does make me feel happy, lifts my mood and puts a smile on my face, and it wasn't necessarily the big things in life we often think will make us happy 😉

So here is a little challenge:
☆ Find a quiet half hour in your day, best first or last thing. Make sure you won't get disturbed.
☆ Take 5 minutes to be quiet, close your eyes, focus on your breathe. Don't worry if thoughts pop in, just refocus on your breathe.
☆ When you feel more relaxed, with your eyes still closed, ask yourself the question:
What Makes Me FEEL Happy?
☆ Repeat and ponder on the question for as long as you feel focussed & comfortable.
☆ When ready take a couple of deep breathes and open your eyes.
☆ Start to jot down any thoughts that came up from the question. It could be anything you felt, visualised, heard etc.
☆ Then keeping focussed on the question, LIST 5 things that you enjoy, that make you feel good and are achievable to experience in your daily life. Try not to 'think' too much. Keep it light and see what pops up.
☆ Once you have your list, step back and consider HOW you could start experiencing these things more in your day to day.
☆ Finally PIN the list up where you can SEE IT EASILY: on the fridge, toilet door, mirror etc
☆ Make your list pretty, decorate it, use colour, add photos etc, so its a pleasure to look at EVERYDAY

For me, I realised it was the little things in my daily life, often overlooked, that lifted my mood and made me happy:
♡ Cuddles with my dogs
♡ Human touch with my family
♡ Time outside in nature
♡ Going for a run, dancing or yoga
♡ Learning something new

Giving space to consider what does make you feel good, raises your awareness and draws your attention to it, from which you can then choose whether to act on what you now know.
So now I try to include ALL these 5 things EVERYDAY!

Doing things EVERYDAY that make you happy has an ACCUMULATIVE EFFECT, that with practise trains your psyche to FEEL GOOD FOR LONGER.

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