Ask Someone, Are They Ok?

Ask Someone, Are They Ok?

October 10, 2018

I don't think I know anyone who hasn't been effected by depression, anxiety or other symptoms, that impact our mental wellbeing.

Its part of modernity.

A few weeks back I met Chloe #from @pinkflamingomarketing who told me about a close male friend, Loz, who had taken his own life this Summer.

I didn't know him, however it made my heart 'pang' to understand how unhappy this young person must have been to take such drastic action.

And then Chloe told me male suicide is the biggest killer of under 45 year olds in the UK! It brings new meaning to the descriptive 'the silent killer'. There must be many precursors before someone decides to actually end their life 😥
So campaigns like @ruokday encouraging us to be aware and go out of our way to ask if someone is feeling ok, really matter.

Quite honestly it costs nothing to simply be more compassionate and show kindness to others.

We need to get over ourselves, the selfie, MEME culture, and look out for others more.

So to pay tribute to her friend and raise awareness, Chloe has decided to do a sponsored cycle 100km in Mallorca.
All donations will go to @calmzone a helpline helping to prevent male suicide.

Please share a few pennies. It could be your friend, son, brother, husband... 🙏

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